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Azima Queen Cleaning Services Curtain Cleaning Service

Curtains are incorporated with dust, dirt, and odor from all round the house or office areas. It frequently absorbs smells like coffee, food aroma and cigarette smoke. due to this, curtains are left smelling but fragrant and cause some stains. therefore the birth of curtain cleaning has come an aid.

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Azima Queen Cleaning Services provides curtain cleaning with removal and installation to its clients from residential to commercial establishments. Our curtain cleaning and laundry cleaning services are counting on the fabric or fabric of the curtain. Our removal and installation involves carefully taking down curtains from its area and installing them back once it's cleaned. We also give refill of hanging the clients’ spare curtain temporarily as a replacement to their curtains subject to cleaning.

How heavy are my curtains?
Since curtains are available different lengths, widths, thickness, and fabric, at the best you'll only estimate how heavy they're until we take them down and weigh them.

Curtain Removal
Our curtain specialists will perform the curtain removal and weigh your curtains on the spot to work out the worth of cleaning. Our curtain removal and installation service also includes the removal of curtain hooks before cleaning and putting back the hooks after cleaning.

Curtain Installation
After the curtains are cleaned, we'll perform the curtain installation service to make sure a hassle-free experience for you.

Curtain Removal and Installation Works
*Removal and Installation (R&I) involves the work of removing curtains from a customer’s site, bringing the things to factory for cleaning, and installing them back.

*Since curtains are too big and heavy, you'll leave this laborious and sometimes dangerous job of taking down the curtains to the professionals.

Curtains are taken down during a slow and orderly manner to make sure that curtains don't get involved and avoid the scattering of dusts accumulated within the curtains. then , curtains are properly folded and packed into plastic bags which are then labelled. Hooks, strings, rings, metal bars (Roman blinds) and other accessories are removed within the factory before cleaning commence.

In the event where the work site involves a sudden change within the place like repainting or house cleaning, you'll notify us to reschedule the hanging back of your curtains.

TEAM SIZE: 01 – 02 members
TIME DURATION: 30 minutes – 45 mins

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