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Curtains are one among the more prominent items in your home interior. Keeping them in pristine condition contributes to the general aesthetics of the space they're installed in, and is indicative of a well-kept home.

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Curtains are handled daily, and over time, human skin particles, dirt and pollen can accumulate on their surfaces and obtain trapped in their folds. Not only does this make them look old and drab, having dusty curtains can cause allergies to trigger. Undoubtedly, there's a requirement to wash curtains on a daily basis.

Azima Queen Cleaning Services provide thorough, deep cleaning of curtains using industrial-grade, specialized machines and cleaning agents that cater to varied fabric types. Our methods have proven over time to be exceptional at restoring curtains to their pristine state.

As it are often quite challenging to get rid of your curtains from their hangers, given the varied curtain system types, we offer removal and re-installation services also .

Unlike how we wash our clothes reception , cleaning uses a liquid solvent  the whole process is completed without water, hence the name “dry” cleaning. Here is what happens to your clothes during the cleaning process:

*Curtains are put into a dryer-washer machine that's pretty almost like one at our home;
*A constant stream of unpolluted solvent is being pumped in and dirty solvent is being filtered out;
*Curtains are spanned rapidly to empty the solvent
*Warm air is circulated within the machine to vaporize the remaining solvent left on the Curtains

Our cleaning Process
*We have a well-designed process to carefully handle your delicate items. this is often how we do it:

*Inspection & Tagging. Upon collection of your items, our agent will check out the Curtains condition to spot tears, discoloration, tough stains that require special care. We then attach tags with the special requirements thereon to different items

*Pre-treatment. Any items with tough stains and can undergo pre-treatment. we would like to make sure stains are removed completely after cleaning process

*Dry Cleaning Cycle. we'll separate your delicate and special items from general items, hence make sure that small tears won't be bigger and colour condition is preserved

*Post Inspection. we'll detect items with stains that aren't removed. we'll put it through multiple cleaning cycles to form sure tough stains are completely removed.

*Finishing Touch. Your items are going to be pressed and packaged with protective film . Items that need hanging also will be hung during a laundry bag.

TEAM SIZE: 01 – 02 members
TIME DURATION: 30 minutes – 45 mins

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