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In cleaning , perchloroethylene, or commonly referred to as perc, is employed to get rid of stains in garments due to its capability to dissolve oils and yet lessens wrinkage and shrinkage of materials . Strong color retention and lesser fabric wear are another good points. Perc is, however toxic and considered a hazardous substances. Extreme care must be exercised when handling it. Besides being cancerous and health threatening, workers also run the risks of irritant skin also as allergic complications if exposed thereto . With fabrics, it tends to also leave behind an unwelcome scent.

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Today, many leading cleaning companies employ instead, safer hydrocarbon cleaning solvent as alternatives to perc in their cleaning processes. Generally, hydrocarbon solvents have higher purity, are environmental friendly and don't pose health problems to workers. Your garment also smells nicer compared to an equivalent treatment from perc.

At the cleaning processing plant, your garment will first undergo a marking and inspection process, followed by a stain pre-treating session using special cleaning solvents. Next, the clothing is dropped into baskets immersed in perc or hydrocarbon cleaning solvents for laundry . An extraction process follows to get rid of the solvent from the garments . 

Once the cleaning solvents are drained, the machine starts a drying cycle which is then succeeded by a deodorizing cycle, to require out the last trace of solvent. At this stage, all stains on your garment should are cleaned, but an inspection process is next in situ to re-affirm that. Any detected remaining stains are going to be post-treated if required. When that’s done, your garment will undergo a light-weight steaming and iron session before being sorted out and packaged for your picked-up. counting on the agent you choose , the entire process from dropping your garment at your agent to your collection takes about

While one may find dry cleanings to be an upscale , wasteful and somewhat annoying chore, the very fact remains that not many of us have access to cleaning facilities. And once you want the consequences that only a cleaning can deliver, you don’t have much choice but simply need to depend upon it.

TEAM SIZE: 01 – 02 members
TIME DURATION: 30 minutes – 45 mins

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