delhi ncr clothes dry cleaning services in raj nagar ghaziabad


Azima Queen Cleaning Services has been on top of the sport for revolutionizing the cleaning Industry. While the brand has been providing dry-cleaning and premium dry-cleaning services, we've now introduced Azima Queen Cleaning Services, which is a state of the art premium Live dry-cleaning lounge, Azima Queen Cleaning Services offers an ultimate solution for all garment woes by offering dedicated and customised cleaning and fabric care services to reinforce your garment’s time period, we cause transparency and credibility to the best Dry-Cleaning experience, that was unprecedented within the past. 

clothes dry cleaning services in raj nagar ghaziabad

An extended range of services and a structured process make sure the perfect care, each time, for your worthy possessions. With unparalleled dedication towards getting you the best value for each penny spent, we are constantly striving to realize Global Standards in cleaning . So next time your clothes got to be treated with utmost care and love, remember to seem for the best dry-cleaning store near you, only Azima Queen Cleaning Services

Our Italian Smell-Free Dry-Cleaning techniques using the Perc cleaning liquid promises to supply the best possible professional look after your garment and fabric . Thus, Azima Queen Cleaning Services is that the ultimate expert care center for all of your garment cleaning needs.

Every garment is differently treated with immaculate care using Alliance Laundry Systems for his or her Xtreme care dry wet cleaning technology that lends longevity to the material while ensuring better, more powerful cleaning. a replacement thanks to pamper your clothes!

Drop in at our store and knowledge Live Dry-Cleaning/ Order through our App or Call us for free of charge devour services at a selected time slot! Fabric Assessment Assessment of the material to make sure a customized service. (This include specialized look after delicate fabrics, repairing of loose buttons, stiches, darning etc.)Spot Treatment Meticulous Spot Treatment. cleaning Customized Dry-Cleaning. Finishing Steam Ironing and finishing followed by Quality complaint checks for utmost client satisfaction. Happy We at Azima Queen Cleaning Services are happy to serve you with clean and and fresh clothes.

TEAM SIZE: 01 – 02 members
TIME DURATION: 30 minutes – 45 mins

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