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At Azima Queen Cleaning Services, every garment is expertly cared for through a custom made process. We uses most globally benchmarked cleaning products, equipment and methods to make sure that your belongings get the simplest possible care. Azima Queen Cleaning Services services and professional staff reflect our passion, expertise and keen attention to detail.

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When you use our professional wash and fold services, you'll make certain that your clothes are going to be well taken care of because we've served our customers and that we understand your needs. Compare to other lesser quality cleaners, our full service laundry employs eco-friendly methods and that we treat your laundry with care .

We launder, dry clean, iron you’re garments, and neatly fold the garments in dust resistant packaging. We are a young company that specialize in simplifying garment care. We believe everyone likes their clothes clean and fresh but doing laundry may be a hassle nobody enjoys. We are here to form this activity simple, convenient & a cheerful experience. Our simple system & incredible customer service will take the thinking out of your cleaning , in order that you'll specialise in more important things.

Dry cleaning is a process for clothing and textiles that mixes a mechanical action with the efficiency of a solvent. Several sorts of solvents are used today. A cleaning machine is analogous to a washer , except that it's larger and uses a closed-loop system: the solvent is recovered, filtered and reused within the next cleaning cycle. Today, the cleaning remains the foremost efficient method to get rid of grease stains and other ordinary marks. This treatment also eases ironing.

Azima Queen Cleaning Services makes some extent of using and handling solvents during a responsible and socially engaged way for the well being of both employees and customers and for the sake of the environment.

All our products are chlorine-free. We use free and clear bleach for whites. We use custom detergent, an in-wash detergent booster (more CLEANING POWER) and downy fabric softener, free and clear dryer sheets.
We sort your laundry by color before washing: dark with darks, light with lights.

We use a fragile wash. We wash darks in cold water. We wash whites in hot/warm water to decorate the material and clean stains better. We dry all clothes in low/medium heat. Your clean laundry is then professional folded.

TEAM SIZE: 01 – 02 members
TIME DURATION: 30 minutes – 45 mins

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