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Azima Queen Cleaning Services are professionals in high- tech surveillance and security system. Boasts advanced technology and capability of continuous innovation enabled the corporate to expand in latest surveillance and security equipments and provides better and safer solutions to each security challenge. Since a few years our organization has been managing and analyzing world's best electronic security system for the betterment of or client's. In competitive business world we provide reliability, cost effectiveness and true satisfaction. Our organization gives warranty of the standard , reliability and satisfaction.

We are one among the leading CCTV Dealers in Surveillance in Ghaziabad
Azima Queen Cleaning Services CCTV IN Ghaziabad is a wholesale distribution business providing complete range of CCTV installation in Ghaziabad, CCTV for schools ,CCTV for Hospitals, CCTV for outlets , CCTV for homes.
CCTV DEALER, Biometric attendance System

we are identified as reliable manufacturer, exporter and repair provider of a CCTV Camera in Ghaziabad security and safety solutions, CCTV installation to varied industries. Besides offering an outsized number of safety solutions, we also offer CCTV products various Security Solution in software companies. Our product ranges covers an outsized spectrum that comprises of both hardware and software solutions to supply highest level of security

cctv camera services in indirapuram ghaziabad

CCTV Camera Security System
The security design of any residential houses and commercial places requires high precision security cameras and CCTV for effective functioning. With CCTV Camera, you'll now keep track of the movement of your employees within and out of doors office premises or strengthen the safety system of your home. we all know the importance of CCTV in modern surveillance and security system then we make use of latest technology to satisfy the expectations of our clients

What we will do for you -
• Design and production of bespoke equipments for surveillance or other specific fields demanding electronic solution (from single to large quantity)

• Modification / customization of surveillance equipment at client’s request

• Design and Installation of CCTV systems – from domestic to commercial

TEAM SIZE: 01 – 02 members
TIME DURATION: 30 minutes – 45 mins

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