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Azima Queen Cleaning Services by a gaggle of Electronics and Computer Engineers having group experience within the field of Microprocessor based system for Industrial applications. T

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With this wide experience within the field of CCTV CAMERA repairing and installation, Azima Queen Cleaning Services the corporate was formed. the corporate identified the CCTV, Attendance audio system as its first product. Universal Product Code Technology was selected for the identification needs due to advantages like non-contact sensing, long life, wide acceptance and simple production.

The Company then diversified within the field of CCTV, DVR cards, Conventional sort of Cameras and various state of the art products. These products have applications in premises where the access to a neighborhood must be controlled by filtering out unauthorized people and allowing access to valid personnel.

The company features a balanced team of Software engineers performing on the system software and therefore the Application Software round the line Azima Queen Cleaning Services is additionally providing Custom Built software Solution for Attendance Systems.

The company identified the scope of CCTV, open-end credit Based Application within the era of Multi Application Read/Write Cards.

The company features a team of engineers taking care of support activity around the clock. the corporate strongly believes in extending after sales support at the shortest possible time. The support team is a group of young and dynamic engineers with years of relevant experience.

Security Surveillance – CCTV
For any security or closed-circuit television , CCTV cameras are a fundamental piece of kit . they permit for the effective monitoring of a location and its perimeter and that they also permit you to record and analyse events. In many cases, the footage obtained from CCTV cameras can function evidence in convictions and it could protect property owners from litigation.

As specialists in security, Azima Queen Cleaning Services delivers DVR recorders which support a spread of CCTV cameras from top manufacturers . Visit our CCTV security cameras page to look at the entire list.

Additionally, we will provide the hardware and software required to make a comprehensive security system. Whether you’re looking to guard your business or a public space, Azima Queen Cleaning Services DVR recorders support the proper CCTV cameras and accessories to fit your requirements

TEAM SIZE: 01 – 02 members
TIME DURATION: 30 minutes – 45 mins

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