delhi ncr cctv camera installation services in vasundhara


Azima Queen Cleaning Services is a Ghaziabad based company established long back. Its mission is to supply clients with the best solution & service for all Telecommunication and office automation needs. Azima Queen Cleaning Services has world class pioneers like Panasonic, Matrix, Beetel, HIK Vision, HP, Samsung products.

cctv camera installation services in vasundhara ghaziabad

Azima Queen Cleaning Services has emerged together of the highest sales & service providers Azima Queen Cleaning Services is today personnel strong team with 80% in support function having diverse skills and knowledge field. Our sole motive is 100% customer satisfaction by providing best service within the industry and also provide 24/7 service support. We are committed to supply what our customer wants and that we provide quality and consistency at the best value. We believe providing world class warranty & annual maintenance contract services for all products. we offer onsite warranty support for all the products.

Azima Queen Cleaning Services is committed to finding the best way forward, during a fast paced and highly competitive business world; and bridging the ever-growing technological innovations and therefore the best service standards. to stay at the highest , we shall relentlessly pursue innovative solutions, and constantly grow our knowledge domain with uncompromising passion for Quality.

*To exceed our client’s needs for the very best quality and total satisfaction.
*To develop services which are cost effective and most efficient
*To develop the talents of our employees, enhance teamwork and creativity
Effective project monitoring and supervision.
*Attain a high grade level of creative project planning and conceptualization.
*To protect the environment.
*To achieve high standards of occupational health and safety
*To ensure the company’s profitable growth
*To ensure that Quality remains at the forefront of our services.

Relax, Engage and Manage Your Business…while we lookout of the safety systems installed at your premise because we look after You.

We offer the wide selection of weather-proof CCTV surveillance cameras for both indoor & outdoor security surveillance.

A biometric system is categorized mainly as physiological and behavioral characteristic.

Access control allows building managers and authorized personnel to securely control and monitor anytime, anywhere.

We provide customized services supported the customer requirement in several industries, Home, Schools, Hospitals, etc

Providing you schedule & prioritize inspections through our advanced system. assist you to be ready before any untoward.

Our On-Site CCTV camera security system, you'll maintain a way of peace & security, maximum productivity.

TEAM SIZE: 01 – 02 members
TIME DURATION: 30 minutes – 45 mins

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