delhi ncr carpet cleaning services in noida sector 15


Carpet cleaning services in Noida
Get your carpets and rugs clean without doing the dirty work yourself. Let our carpet cleaning assist you keep your most heavily trampled pieces dirt-free and smelling fresh. We perform both professional predicament extraction and Dry carpet cleaning services.

The benefits you will get with our services
Choosing our carpet cleaning company comes with variety of perks:

*Carpet cleaning services of the very best quality - professional cleaners with the newest equipment;
*Combo deals - option for OFF price when combined with professional end of tenancy cleaning;
*Free personalized quote;
*Performed with child- and pet-friendly detergents;

Azima Queen Cleaning Services delivers professional services to homeowners, tenants, and landlords once they need their textile floor cover or upholstery professionally cleaned at affordable prices.

carpet cleaning services in noida sector 15

*You receive a carpet cleaning quote for the specified service.
*The carpet cleaner arrives during a mobile unit carrying the professional machines and detergents.
*He inspects the piece and picks the foremost suitable way of cleaning it.
*The technician hovers and pre-treats the piece.
*Depending on the fabrics, predicament extraction or cleaning is performed.
*Your textile floor cover is clean and left to dry.

We also provide rug cleaning so you'll have the one that you love Persian, Oriental or the other rug deep cleaned to knowledgeable standard with us. The carpet cleaning specialists are available on weekends and bank holidays, and with the same-day availability, you'll have your pieces renewed in hours without having in touch the stains for days!
A method that's almost like steam cleaning but simpler . It includes pre-treatment for stains (we use special solutions for tackling wine, coffee, beer, blood and other spots) also as for high-traffic areas, dirt patches and etc. Over 95% of the dirt are going to be removed. The pressure created from the sprayed water moves all dirt and dirt particles, making them easy to extract and eliminate.

We'll also provide a free air mover as a part of the service to hurry up the drying process - it's an enormous , portable fan that reduces the drying time.

TEAM SIZE: 01 – 02 members
TIME DURATION: 01 hour – 02 hours

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