delhi ncr carpet cleaning services in noida sector 03


Carpet and rug Cleaning at Azima Queen Cleaning Services

With vast experience in rug and carpet cleaning our staff are fully capable of providing the precise cleaning process that's suitable for your carpet type and cleaning materials that apply to the sort of stains on your carpet.

carpet cleaning services in noida sector 03

The most commonly used method of removing carpet stains across the industry is understood as predicament extraction (HWE). This method involves a mix of predicament and anti-bacterial cleaning agents being injected deep into the fibers of a carpet by using atmospheric pressure and every one the residual clay being powerfully vacuumed into the machine.

To get obviate stubborn stains, pre-spray cleaning materials are applied before using carpet-rug cleaning machines to extend the alkalinity of the soiled surface. This facilitates the method of stain removal when the carpet cleaning machine is in action and helps to get rid of the stains sooner and effectively.

The techniques we use in our carpet cleaning methods enable a fast-drying process which not only saves our customers time but also will prevent the breeding of bacteria and fungi. We also make sure the temperature at which the procedure is completed is at the foremost appropriate point.

At Azima Queen Cleaning Services we use the foremost powerful industrial equipment and Eco-friendly materials to make sure the lifetime of your carpets is maximized and their hygiene is kept at a high level via regular cleaning and maintenance.


Our Core Values- Through a commitment to excellence.

*High quality cleaning is at the guts of our values.

*We strive to realize this by means of professionalism and reliability.

TEAM SIZE: 01 – 02 members
TIME DURATION: 01 hour – 02 hours

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