delhi ncr bathroom cleaning services in noida sector 18


Azima Queen Cleaning Services Domestic Bathroom Cleaning Services

We are a really dedicated and prestigious company which will make all of your cleaning wishes come true. Located within the Ghaziabad city, we've been during this business for several years and that we have received the needed confidence to supply each cleaning service in an immaculate and excellent way.

Bathroom Cleaning Services in Noida Sector 18

We offer a good range of cleaning services, including one among the foremost popular ones – the domestic bathroom cleaning service. Generally, this is often a service that has many cleaning procedures which is why it's booked by numerous people. We invite you to hitch our big family and watch how our cleaners perform every cleaning step during a careful and delicate way.

Bathroom Cleaning Services

*Dust surfaces
*Dust window sills, blinds, cabinets, baseboards, door panels
*Clean and disinfect showers, toilets and tubs
*Shine fixtures
*Vacuum and mop floors
*Empty trash bins

Bathroom/ Toilet Cleaning:

*Full removal of mould, limescale, soap scum and water stains
*Clean windows, mirrors and glass surfaces
*Disinfect and sanitise toilets, showers and tubs
*Shine taps and sinks
*Dust cabinets and other surfaces
*Mop floors
*Descale shower heads

In case you are feeling that the service provided by our cleaners wasn’t up to the quality , just inform us no later than 48 hours after the completion of the cleaning and that we will perform the tasks once more but without charging you additionally.

The experienced professionals from our company will do everything in their power to make sure that the property you're vacating is left in spic and span condition with none traces of dirt, dust or grime.

The best part about hiring our services is that our cleaners’ vast knowledge and knowledge help them tackle stains and spots which aren't obvious to the eye .

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TEAM SIZE: 01 – 02 members
TIME DURATION: 30 mins – 01 hour

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