bathroom cleaning services in gangatoli


Azima Queen Cleaning Services the absolute best and excellent at bathroom cleaning

Clearing Tools and Supplies
We all have our favorites, don’t we? We ask you to supply all cleaning materials and tools to make sure your house always smells the way you would like it to. once you have your initial discussion with our office team, you'll tend recommendations for cleaning supplies to possess available to make sure our cleaners are going to be ready to do the simplest job for you.

Monitoring of labor
When your cleaner arrives on site he/she clocks in . This unique tracking method allows you to know exactly when your cleanser arrives and leaves your property. there's no got to worry about rush-jobs or short shifts albeit you aren’t ready to monitor our cleaners personally.

bathroom cleaning services in gangatoli

Security is paramount
The safeguarding of your property while within the care of our staff may be a top priority in our business. we've detailed, specific procedures in situ to make sure that our clients’ household security isn't compromised.

Clear Pricing
No contract is required; our cleaning services are provided in straightness . you're liberal to leave and return at any time.

Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Clients are encouraged to contact us if they experience the slightest problem. the earlier we hear about a problem , the earlier we will put it right.

Our office is usually available to debate your needs and help ensure your requirements are met. At Azima Queen Cleaning Services we take full responsibility for love or money and everything concerning the service you receive.

TEAM SIZE: 02– 03 members
TIME DURATION: 01 hour – 02 hours

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