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Why don't we get a good feeling in our bathroom even after cleaning the bathroom every day?
Have you ever been worried about this?You will have to say yes, we are worried because when we look at our washroom, we have a good Freshness is not realized.Let us go ahead and we will understand how to get rid of it.
Top 8 tips of bathroom cleaning in our House.?
To accomplish the cleaning of this complete bathroom cleaning checklist is not only a challenge but also not a welcome thought.A complete bathroom cleaning includes removing the hair strands,mound and other dirt accumulated in and around the drain and other areas. You also need to scrub the areas well and clean all nozzles,so that no blockages happen.The bathroom is the place where maximum bacteria reside. So, we should regularly clean the bathroom to keep our ambiance safe and healthy. 
:-Complete bathroom cleaning checklist includes:
1.Cleaning the shower
2.Cleaning Tiles, Walls and Ceiling
3.Toilet cleaning
4.Cleaning the wash basin
5.Cleaning the hand towels
6.Cleaning the taps and faucets
7.Cleaning the mirror
8.De-cluttering the toiletries.
:-Sometimes, you may ask your local help to clean the bathroom for you but the end result will not be like that of a Experts  bathroom cleaner. However, following some useful hacks can help you achieve a sparkling clean bathroom and even make a novice an expert bathroom cleaner.
Shower Cleaning Hack:-Fill a plastic bag with vinegar and soak the shower in it overnight. The next day remove the bag, all blockages from the shower will be removed and the shower will be completely clean.
Clean the walls and tiles Hack:-Use a good cleanser or a make a cleaning solution by mixing soda and lemon and apply in the tiles and walls. Leave it for some time and then pour hot water over it to remove tough stains.
Cleaning the toilet Hack:-You can pour some baking soda into the toilet and flush it. You can also make a paste of soda and lemon and refrigerate it. You can use the cubes as toilet bombs to cleanse the toilet completely.
Cleaning the wash basin hack:-The tough stains on the wash basin can be removed by using good cleaner. You can clean the drain by mixing salt and sodium bi-carbonate equally and then pour a mixture of hot water and vinegar over it.
Cleaning the taps and faucets Hack:-You should rub lemon on the taps and faucet and then wipe it with a clean cloth.
Cleaning the mirror Hack:-Boil some tea in hot water and strain the water. You can then use this water to clean the bathroom mirrors.
Applying the above tricks can get you to achieve a nearly clean bathroom. But if you wish to get a 100% clean and germ-free bathroom, book our bathroom cleaning services now. Our Experts bathroom cleaners will make your bathroom sparkling clean and germ-free.
If you know about any other bathroom cleaning hacks or any other item left out in the checklist do mention it in the comments.

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